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Choose the Plan for You

I offer coaching, consulting, and support for your personal and professional golfing development.

  • Assessment with Calvin Maranville PGA

    "New Student" 60min Assessment 50 minutes ($149)
    • Prefer to have a professional guide on your golf journey?
    • Coach Calvin Maranville PGA will break down your swing
    • Get a starting plan to set you up for success!
    • copy and paste the link below to schedual your lessons
  • Perform Membership

    2) Private Lesson Membership
    • Coach Calvin Maranville PGA now understands your swing
    • Let's get you on a consistent schedule for more inprovement
  • Excel Membership

    3 Private Lessons Per Month
    • Coach Calvin Maranville PGA now understands your swing
    • Committing to a consistent structured plan week to week
  • 10 Lesson Package Membership

    Train with Coach Calvin Maranville PGA ($1,200.00)
    Valid for 6 months
    • Coach Calvin Maranville PGA understands your swing in depth.
    • Committed to long term success!
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