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My Philosophy

My philosophy is to participate in the vision the student has for himself/herself as a golfer. Throughout the learning process, I never lose sight of the fact that golf is a game and the reason we all play it is to have fun. Whether it is a junior golfer looking to play college golf, a college golfer looking to play on the PGA or LPGA tour, a weekend golfer trying to lower his handicap, a struggling golfer looking not to embarrass himself in front of his friends or clients, or a beginner golfer looking to get the ball in the air, my goal is to help the student improve and have fun in the process. Knowing the fact that I have the opportunity to change someone’s life positively is what I live for in this industry. If I can get my students away from what we call the real world even if it’s a short period of time and not have to worry about stuff like school, jobs, social media, etc. Its always nice to get the refreshment. 

Before the learning process starts, I want to know what the student is looking to accomplish in the short and long term. Once I learn this, I am on a mission to help him/her achieve that goal. Initially, I actually become the student because I need to learn what he/she wants, what concepts or misconceptions he may have about the golf swing, and how they learn. Once I learn this, I help them find his/her way to better golf in a simple, logical and enjoyable manner. When it comes to a golf swing there is no “perfect swing”, which means I will never teach every student the same exact swing. We were all born with different body shapes, types, forms and essentially different swings. So as an Instructor I have to adjust my teaching to fit each students qualities. I ask my students for feedback all the time in order to improve my instruction skills. A successful teacher is actually a great listener and learner.

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